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the dancer with two left feet

you can't live without stepping on someone's toes

5 February
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currently a senior at Mary Washington College. Majoring in history. Will soon be leaving Jesusland for the bright lights of law school in DC of a hut buried twelve feet beneath the snow sand... in Central Asia. I live with deanis. I also have a cat named Minnie, but unfortunately she does not have a journal. I just can't bring myself to sink that low.

10 things about me-- minus 1

1)I'm always a sucker for a good cause and will give money even though I don't have it. For example, I've sent about 1000 dollars over the past 3 years to Africa alone.
3)I'll eat anything. Literally anything. Ask me and I'll tell you if I've tried it or would be willing to try it-- the answer will always be yes.
4)I am completely incapable of being mean to anyone-- I would just much rather avoid them (unless I know them so well that I'm sure no irreperable damage will be done to the friendship). Also, I've been known to hide from professors for fear that I have nothing interesting to say to them.
5)I'm so shy that the first time Dean tried to talk to me I ran away.
6)I'm not really a red head, although no one believes me until they see the bottle of hair color that I use.
7)I hate my major and have no idea what I'm going to do with it.
8)I immediately disassociate myself from anyone who is cruel to animals because I think that it says alot about their character.
9)My ideal day consists of lying in bed, reading, and snuggling Dean and my cat
10)I never know what day it is. Ever. Sometimes I don't even realize that it's my own birthday.

Please do not friend me if your username starts with jesusfreak, ilovejesus, godlovesme or something like that. You're just going to make my info page look ugly.

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