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As probably most of you know by now, Dean and I have
received our invitation to Turkmenistan for TEFL and
> Health Extension leaving September 29th. We thought
> that a mailing list would be the best way to
> communicate with everyone because Peace Corps sets
> some easily broken rules for websites.
> We already have our address for the first three months
> in the country. It will change after this period, but
> for whatever reason we may choose to keep our previous
> address. Mail takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to get
> there, although it has been known to take months. All
> mail is "inspected" in the central post office, so
> it's probably best that you not ask questions about
> the political climate here or send that Economist
> article about Turkmenistan. Discussing politics going
> on in the US is ok. If you want to send letters, to
> make sure I'm getting all so that I can tell if any
> are missing, please number your letters. If you are an
> especially kind soul and want to send a package,
> padded envelopes are better than boxes, once again
> because of "inspections." It is important that you
> write down everything that you send on the customs
> form, because if it's not on the form, it "disappears"
> easily.
> Dean and I will probably have access to the Internet
> about once a month or maybe even less. We plan on
> typing all emails on the laptop at home and then
> bringing them to an Internet source to post. For this
> reason, some of the emails you get may be very long.
> It may also be best to communicate via snail mail, so
> that Dean and I have time to devote to the mass email
> and don't get lost in a tangled web of backed up email
> messages. This doesn't mean don't send us emails, if
> there's something urgent or something that you're
> afraid that you'll forget, shoot us an email and we'll
> do our best to reply. The Internet connection will
> likely be very slow, so please don't send any forwards
> or pictures (send them through the snail mail, we'd
> love to see them!)
> Ok, so on to our new address (be very, very glad that
> Turkmenistan no longer uses the Cyrillic alphabet).
> PCT Miriam Rush and PCT Dean Shaffer (either/or works
> too)
> US Peace Corps/Turkmenistan
> PO Box 258, Krugozor Central Post Office
> Ashgabat, 744000 Turkmenistan
> please write "par avion" and "via Istanbul" on the
> envelope. It will otherwise be sent through Moscow,
> and that's not a pretty sight.
> It'll take a while for mail to get there and it might
> be nice to receive some letters in the first week or
> so, so if you begin writing now, that simply means
> that we'll get to hear from you sooner.


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Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:13 pm (UTC)
You can add me! My LJ account should work well.
Aug. 4th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)
put me one the list! My e-mail is sato.35@osu.edu. I can then e-mail you my address!
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